Post-it® Note Pads - 3" x 5"


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Qty 100 250 500 1000 2000 2500
1 Color N/A N/A $1.36 $1.01 $0.92 $0.74
2 Color N/A N/A $1.63 $1.10 $1.00 $0.77
Full Color $2.24 $1.81 $1.26 $0.94 $0.94 $0.79
Recycled Paper N/A N/A +10% +10% +10% +10%
Super Sticky N/A N/A +15% +15% +15% +15%
Neon / Ultra Paper N/A N/A +15% +15% +15% +15%

* Full Color orders will be printed on Standard White Paper

* All Post-it Note pads with Super Sticky adhesive will be printed on Standard White Paper


  • Price points to fit any budget
  • Exact Color Match or Process Color printing.
  • Maximum design flexibility
  • Choose from:
    • Wide array of paper colors
    • Broad selection of pad sizes
    • Full range of sheet counts
  • 7 day production time or Special 5-Day Option
  • Custom sizes available, call for details
  • Made in U.S.A. with globally sourced materials.
  • Exact Color Match Printing!
  • Actual note size: 2-15/16" x 5"
  • Maximum design flexibility.
  • More room to write and more room for your logo!
  • Available in a wide range of sheet counts and a wide array of paper colors.
  • Imprint your logo and message in 1-4 colors.
  • Print a different message or graphic on each sheet with Changeable Copy.
  • Print up to four different Alternating Designs on sheets.
  • Recycled notes available, 15% upcharge. White, Canary Yellow or Spring Green paper colors.
  • Available in Super Sticky, 10% upcharge. White paper only.


  • Adhesive side: 5" edge
  • Actual note size: 2-15/16" x 5"
  • Imprint Area: 2-9/16" x 4-5/8"
  • Restrictions may apply on bleeds — call for charges and details.
  • Other sheet count options and custom sheet counts available, call for pricing.
  • All Post-it® Notes are recyclable. Please recycle.


Standard Paper Colors

  • Canary Yellow

  • White

  • Pink

  • Uncoated Stock
  • One Paper color per pad and order
  • Not all colors are available for all products, see individual product information for details.

Recycled Paper Colors

  • Spring Green

  • Sky Blue

  • White

  • Canary Yellow

  • 10% Upcharge
  • Uncoated Stock
  • One Paper color per pad and order
  • Meets Federal requirements for post consumer content.

Neon/Ultra Paper Colors

  • Ultra Yellow

  • Neon Orange

  • Neon Lime

  • Neon Pink

  • Uncoated Stock
  • 15% Upcharge
  • One Paper color per pad and order
  • We recommend using Black ink on Neon/Ultra paper.

Standard Spot (PMS) Ink Colors:

  • Black

  • Blue PMS 300

  • Brown PMS 168

  • Burgundy PMS 215

  • Green PMS 347

  • Teal PMS 320

  • Purple PMS 527

  • Red PMS 185

  • All PMS Colors

  • Your message can be imprinted directly onto the product in any of these ink colors. Fluorescent, metallic and special mix inks are not standard, upcharges may apply.
  • PMS number listed next to standard color is a very close representation of standard color.
  • Note: Not all colors provide high contrast on all paper colors. Printing done on uncoated stock. Not all ink colors are available for all products.


Conditions of Sale for Post-it® Custom Printed Notes, Organizational Notes, Notes Shapes, Angle Notes, BIG Pads, 6 Pad Sets

Also refer to the General Information for All Products for more information.


Not available.


  • Backsheet = Liner of note pads.
  • Standard backsheets are supplied on ALL note pads.
  • For custom printed single or multiple backsheets, call for availability and pricing.

Bleed Charges:

  • Restrictions may apply on bleeds — call for pricing and details.

Copy Change Charges:

  • PMS Color Match Notes, Notes Shapes, Angle Note Pads:
    • $25.00 per copy change, catalog quantities only. NOTE: 2-color printing changes in copy allowed with only one of the two colors selected. Copy change location and color must remain the same.
    • Minimum copy change quantity = 50 note pads
    • Minimum order quantity = 500 note pads
  • Full-Color Note Pads: $20.00 per design change — orders must be placed in increments of 50 note pads per design. Minimum total order quantity is 500. White paper only.
  • Organizational Notes: $20.00 per design change — orders must be placed in increments of 50 note pads per design. Minimum total order quantity is 250. White paper only.
  • BIG Pads: Not Available.
  • 6 Pads Sets: Not Available.

Die Charges:

  • Standard Shapes: No additional die or set-up charge when using standard shapes. For sheet counts or quantities not shown, call for pricing.
  • Custom Shapes: Call for pricing.
  • Full-Color Notes: Not Available.
  • Organizational Notes: Not Available.
  • BIG Pads: Not Available.
  • 6 Pad Sets: Not Available.

Imprint Area:

See individual product pages for templates and printing specifications for each product.

Ink Charges:

PMS Inks: Exact color match cannot be guaranteed. No additional charge except fluorescent, special mix and metallic ($285.00 per color). PMS inks not available for Full-Color printing.

Ink Colors:

  • See individual product pages for standard ink imprint colors.
  • Second Color: Means two (2) ink colors on one side of sheet or one (1) ink color on each side of sheet.
  • Ink Tints (Screens): Available in 5%, 10% or 40%. NOTE: “Phantom” or “shadow” printing should be limited to 5% tint, but consideration should be given as to writeability over image printed.

Ink Coverage in Adhesive Area:

100% solid copy in the adhesive area is not recommended.

Minimum Order:

For quantities not shown on product pages, call for quote.

Overrun and Underrun Charges:

  • Orders are subject to maximum 5% overrun/10% underrun.
  • Exact Quantity: 5% upcharge.

Packaging Charges and Requirements:

  • Case Quantity/Weights: See individual product pages.
  • Notes Shapes: Shipped bulk — call for specifications.
  • 6 Pad Sets: Each set is shrink-wrapped together. One (1) set = six (6) note pads.
  • Giveaway Pack (TPCS33): Three (3) note pads (PD33P-25, 82 or 332) packaged together in a clear, unprinted clamshell.
  • Notes and Flag+ Pen Combo Wrap (PDWICOMBO): Two (2) note pads (PD46p-50 or 45) shrink-wrapped with one (1) Flag+ Pen (WIPFC).

Paper Change Charges:

Copy, copy location and color must remain the same — call for pricing.

  • Minimum paper change quantity: 50 note pads
  • Minimum order quantity: 500 note pads
  • Not available for Super Sticky, Full-Color Notes, Organizational Notes and 6 Pad Sets.

Paper Colors and Upcharges:

See individual product page for available colors. All paper colors are uncoated stock. One paper color per note pad and order.

NOTE: Adhesive may mark some surfaces or lift inks. It may not be suitable for use on delicate papers or surfaces. Cleaning and conditioning products may affect adhesion. Colors may bleed when wet. Test before using.

  • Super Sticky: 15% Upcharge. White paper only.
    • Not available for BIG Pads.
    • Not available for 6 Pad Sets.
  • Recycled Paper: 10% Upcharge. Meets Federal requirements for recycled
  • content.
    • Not all colors available for all products.
    • Upcharge does not apply for BIG Pads.
    • Not available for 6 Pad Sets.
  • Neon/Ultra Papers: 15% Upcharge.
    • Black ink recommended on Neon/Ultra paper.
    • Upcharge does not apply for BIG Pads.
    • Not available for Full-Color printing.
    • Not available for 6 Pad Sets.
  • Dura-Hold™ Paper and Adhesive (Unprinted/Blank): Only available for item PC34EF.

Plates, Screens and Set-up Charges:

No charge except for adhesive side printing on notes — call for pricing.

  • All copy and art on the backside of the sheet must be a minimum of 1"–1-3/4" from the edge of the paper where the adhesive is applied — call for details.
  • Not available for Post-it® Pop-up Notes, BIG Pads and Notes Shapes.

Production Time:

See individual product pages. Production will begin after receipt of production-ready order/art or proof approvals. For quantities not shown, call for production times.

Proof Charges:

Available on request with order. When a proof is requested, additional production time may be necessary. Call for confirmation of final delivery schedule.

  • Electronic or Faxed Proof: $12.50. Allow 24 hours.

Press Production Proof:

To assure customer satisfaction, we recommend a product proof for all 4-color process orders to ensure color expectations. This process takes five (5) working days to produce — call for pricing. Otherwise, provide a high quality color print of which is an accurate representation of the color expectations.

  • Note Pads, Recycled Paper and Super Sticky: $145.00 1- or 2-color, standard or PMS ink. Add $140.00 for Notes Shapes. Add $70.00 for Angle Notes. All others — call for pricing. Color separations extra.
  • Full Color Notes and Organizational Notes: Not available.


  • Customization allowed in designated imprint areas only.
  • No fluorescent, special mix or metallic inks for 4-color process and digital printing.
  • 6 Pad Sets (all sizes):
    • Orders must be placed in increments of 10 sets (6 note pads/set). Each note pad must have the same design.
    • Minimum total order quantity is 10 sets.
    • White paper only.
  • BIG Pads:
    • Notes Shapes not available.
    • No Bleeds.
  • Custom Printed Backsheets: “Post-it is a trademark of 3M” must be included on backsheets using the Post-it® Brand logo
  • Notes and Flag+ Pen Combo Wrap (PDWICOMBO): Available for item numbers PD46P-50, 45 and WIPFC only.
  • Giveaway Pack (TPCS33): Available for item numbers PD33P-25, 82 and 332 only. Clamshell package must accompany note pad order.
  • 24-Hour Service available by request only.

Special Sheet Count and Size:

Restrictions may apply, call for approval and quote.

Two-Sided Printing on Notes:

Refer to "Plates, Screens and Set-up Charges".

Updated 07/31/2020

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