Personalized Post it Notes


Personalized Post-it Notes

Your brand is your reputation. And businesses, both large and small, need to build up their brand. Personalized post it notes from Basler Co. are the perfect way to build that brand and start gaining recognition. When you print your company name and logo on personalized post it notes you are ensuring that your name will be seen time and again. Every time a note is written and every time that note is read by the recipient they will see your name. And even after that note has been written, read and thrown away, the rest of the pad is still there to continue promoting your business for personalized post it note ideas order online today!

  • - This standard size is one of our top sellers. Many people customize these with their company logo and use them as tradeshow giveaways.

  • - Need to customize something a little bigger? The 4x6 pad gives you a little extra space for a phone number or message about your products or services.

Have a more complicated need? Browse our catalog for or call us at (800) 888-8309.

Basler Co. - A Leading Distributor of Personalized Post-it Notes

Basler Co., a leading seller of personalized post it notes, has made the process easier than ever before! In just a few short steps you can place your order online and have your personalized post it notes in no time. Step one: Select a size. Step two: Select a sheet count. Step three: Let us know how many you need. The hard part is over, now all you need to do is upload your artwork and fill in your shipping and credit card info. Placing your order takes just a couple of minutes, and in less than two weeks your personalized post it notes will be at your door! Order now and start generating new business.

Customizable Options for your Personalized Post-it Notes

When it comes to personalized post it notes, customizable options are our specialty! We have spent the last 15 years learning about personalized post it notes and all of the possibilities and techniques for making yours unique to your business and marketing strategy. We offer things like custom back sheets, custom shapes, custom sizes, alternating copy and more! No one can make your personalized post it notes more personalized to your needs than Basler Co. Bring these unique post it note pads to your next trade show or event and you are sure to capture people’s attention and make a lasting impression in their minds. Give us a call to discuss your ideas and find out what we have available.

Personalized Post it Note Pad Sizes