Privacy Practices
and General Information for All Products

Privacy Practices

Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of information about our customers is very important to Basler Co. Accordingly, we strive to comply with each of the following practices in everything we do:
  • We do not sell, rent, lease, or otherwise disclose personal information of our customers for purposes unrelated to our products and services. The personal information of customers is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we provide this information only to our employees, agents, and third parties as required to allow them to help us develop and provide our products and services.
  • We work to ensure information integrity and security. We use technology tools and design our business practices to help ensure that the personal information of our customers is properly gathered, stored, and processed. We also work to maintain the security of, and internal and external access to, the personal information of our customers through the use of technology and our business practices.
  • We expect our agents and employees to respect the personal information of our customers. Basler Printing Co. has business policies and practices in place to help ensure that our employees and agents carry out these practices and otherwise protect personal information about our customers. Both employees and agents are subject to censure, dismissal, or termination for violation of these policies.
Privacy Notice: Basler Co. and our agents provide this notice to let you know about the current privacy practices of Basler Co. This notice is merely to inform you about how we safeguard your information. 


Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or Check in advance of order.

Warranty and Limited Remedy

Basler Co. warrants that the products will be merchantable at the time of shipment and will reasonably conform to an approved proof. THESE WARRANTIES ARE MADE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY ARISING OUT OF A COURSE OF DEALING OR OF PERFORMANCE, CUSTOM OR USAGE OF TRADE. If any product is proved to be defective, BaslerCo's entire liability and buyer's exclusive remedy will be, at BaslerCo's option,
  1. replacement of the quantity of the product which is defective or
  2. refund of the purchase price.

Limitation of Liability: Basler Co. shall not be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages based upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability or any other legal theory.

The foregoing Warranty and Limited Remedy and Limitation of Liability may not be changed without a written amendment signed by officers of Basler Co. and seller.

Artwork Charges
  • Art on electronic graphic file: $45.00. Call factory for specifications.
  • Artwork charges: When we prepare your camera-ready artwork, a fee will be charged. Estimates will be provided per individual job. $70.00 per hour.
  • Color Separations: Call for quote. Minimum charge $350.00.
    NOTE: Multiple sets, additional art charges and lead times will be quoted upon receipt of artwork. Artwork must be clean, crisp and sharp; black on white copy. No prescreened art.
  • Templates: For printing and artwork guidelines, refer to template package.

Bleeds on Post-it® Notes

Bleeds other than 5%, 10%, or parallel to the adhesive edge must be approved by the factory. Restrictions apply for copy and design bleeds. Call for approval and quote.
  • No bleeds on 2-3/4" x 3" Post-it® Note Pads.
  • No bleeds on sheet printed cubes.
  • No bleeds on 4-Day Service pads.

Cancellation Charge

All orders are considered firm and cannot be canceled except on written authorization from factory. If Basler Co.'s factory authorizes the cancellation, then Basler Co. will charge the customer a cancellation fee of $55.00 plus any accrued charges (artwork, proofs, materials, etc.).


When orders are printed to customer's specifications, the purchaser agrees to assume any liability resulting from actions or demands brought against supplier for copyright infringement.

Exact Reruns

No additional art charges within one year.

Reorders must include: Original Basler Co.-to-distributor invoice number. Complete order information, i.e., size, paper color, ink color(s).

Minimum order: Normal catalog minimums apply. Extra charges will be added for each reorder for applicable items such as metallic ink, etc.

Heavy Ink Coverage (on Post-it® Paper Products)

When 50% or more of the sheet is printed with a screen greater than 40% then there is a "heavy ink" upcharge of 15%.

Ink Charges

PMS inks; No additional charge except fluorescent, metallic and special color mix $285.00 per color. Exact color match cannot be guaranteed.

Insert Charges

Call for quote.
NOTE: Inserts or labels must arrive at the factory within 3 days of a complete order/proof approval, or the delivery schedule will be affected.

Labeling Charges

If labels are supplied by Basler Co., there will be a set-up charge of $15.00 per set of labels and a per label charge of $0.15.

Negative Retention

Basler Co. retains negatives up to 18 months for items ordered at normal catalog minimums.

Overrun and Underrun Charges

Orders are subject to maximum over/underrun of 10%.

Paper Upcharges
  • Recycled Paper: 10% upcharge; white or yellow paper only.
  • Neon and Ultra Paper: 15% upcharge;  Neon Pink,  Neon Lime, Neon Orange and Ultra Yellow.
Note: It is highly recommended that black ink be used on neon and ultra paper colors.


Pricing subject to change without notice. Prices are based on a single product configuration. The price for a particular product configuration will be determined by the total quantity of that product configuration on a single purchase order shipment.

Production Rush Charges

"Rush" service may be available with handling charge -- call for quote. Catalog quantities only. Call for approval. For unlisted quantities -- call for quote. For normal production time on products, see individual product pages. Basler Co. will make a good faith effort to ship orders within the production times listed in the price grids.

Quantity Pricing

For quantities not shown on price list -- call for quote.

Shipping Charges and Requirements

Orders for immediate shipment are billed at prices in effect on the order date. Orders specifying a future delivery are billed at prices in effect on the requested shipment date.
  • Special Delivery Requirements: If shipment of merchandise requires inside delivery or other special handling, instructions must be clearly described on order form. NOTE: Shippers will charge extra for this service.
  • Drop Shipments: Orders may be shipped to more than one location. The request to drop ship part of an order to additional locations must be received with the order to ensure an accurate delivery schedule. Basler Co. will charge $5.50 for each additional location. If specific drop shipment addresses and/or shipping labels do not arrive at Basler Co.'s factory within three (3) days of a complete order/proof approval, then the delivery schedule will be affected.
  • Freight Claims: Customer is legally responsible when merchandise is consigned to carrier.
  • Prices are F.O.B. point of shipment with transportation charges prepaid and charged. When routing is not specified on the order, Basler Co. will use the most direct or least expensive method, at Basler Co.'s option.

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