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Custom Printed Notes

Check out some of our unique mass marketing ideas below

Printed Note & Flag Covers Post-it® Custom Printed Note and Flag Covers
Minimum Order: 10,000

Design your cover. Combine features to fit your cover:
  • 1” flag dispensers (TFD2D1)
  • 1/2” duo flag dispensers (TFD2D2)
  • 3” x 4” x 50-sheets
  • 2” x 3” x 25-sheets
  • 1” x 3” x 15-sheets
  • Other sizes and options available
Post-it Custom Printed Notes Cubes in a Box

Post-it® Custom Printed Notes Cube in a Box
Minimum Order: 10,000

4 standard sizes available. Box is refillable. Custom imprint box in up to 4-colors with or without sheet printing. Large advertising area. Print a different message on each side. Custom die-cut backers available. This is a great marketing concept for mass marketing your company’s products and services.

Post-it Custom Printed Full Cover Gift Packs

Post-it® Custom Printed Full Cover Gift Packs
Minimum Order: 10,000

Classic Series Post-it® Flag + Writing Tools
Double pack holds 2 tools, multi-pack holds 4 tools. Custom imprint cover in up to 4-colors. Custom imprint barrels in up to 4-colors. Custom colors for barrels and flags are also available. These gift packs are an effective marketing idea for promoting products or services your company provides.

Post-it Custom Printed Flag Card Stock Dispensers

Post-it® Custom Printed Flag Card Stock Dispensers

Minimum Order: 10,000

Choose 2-flag or 3-flag dispenser size. Custom imprint dispenser in up to 4-colors. Custom imprint flags in 1- or 2-colors. Our custom flag dispensers are a great mass marketing strategy that your clients will use over and over again.

Custom Printed Designers 2 Dispensers

Post-it® Custom Printed Designer 2 Dispensers
Minimum Order: 25,000

Full customization inside and out!

  • Imprint up to 4-colors inside dispenser on back card.
  • Imprint up to 4-colors outside dispenser on top.
  • Imprint flags in 1- or 2-colors (TFD2D1 only).

Call (800) 888-8309 for production time and pricing.

We Offer Quick Response on Large Quantities!

Many Custom Options Available at Large Quantities:

  • Custom Sizes
  • Custom Barrel Colors
  • Custom Shapes
  • Custom Flag Colors
  • Custom Back Cards
For ordering information please call 605-342-2620 or toll free 800-888-8309, or email sale@baslerco.com


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